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Holiday Lets - Fire Safety

Owners of small holiday lets must conduct a thorough fire risk assessment of their property. This involves inspecting the premises to identify fire hazards, ensuring preventive measures are in place, and taking precautions to protect everyone in the holiday let, including guests, staff, and other potential users.

Changes in Fire Regulations for holiday lets

On 1st October 2023, the UK government issued new regulations for fire safety for holiday homes (lets) in England. The purpose of these changes are to ensure that all holiday lets are acting safely and making provision for fire safety, making it as safe as possible for guests during their stay.

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 (“the Fire Safety Order”) is the main legislation that controls fire safety in all premises in England that provide accommodation for paying guests.

The Fire Safety Order applies if anyone pays to stay in your premises or in a room within your premises, other than to live there permanently. The Fire Safety Order applies to all lets that are not let as a principal residence, even if you rent out a room in your premises only once.

Responsibility for the owner

With the new changes, it important that your Fire Risk Assessment is carried out by a professional and competent person (Fire Risk Assessor), rather than carrying it out yourself.


The change in legislation is complex and is often difficult to understand, so using a professional consultant will ensure that the government guidelines are adhered to where required, ensuring neither you nor your guests are at risk.

Your Fire Risk Assessment should be reviewed regularly and updated where necessary, particularly where any significant changes have been made to a property.

Small premises for paying guests

A small premises is classed as having simple layouts, limited fire risks and a small number of bedrooms designated as guest sleeping accommodation for short‑term lets, such as small bed and breakfast, guest houses and self‑catering accommodation.

The guide is limited to:

  • Single premises of ground floor, or ground and first floor, providing sleeping accommodation for a maximum of 10 persons, with no more than four bedrooms on the first floor, such as houses, cottages, and chalets

A guide to making your small paying-guest-accommodation safe from fire

  • Individual flats (whether within a purpose-built block of flats or a house that has been converted into flats), other than unusually large flats.’  which are open plan (regardless of number of bedrooms), or if your large property has 4 bedrooms or more, or sleeps more than 10 guests. 

A guide for sleeping accommodation - Fire Safety Risk Assessment


10 Key Points from the Guidance

Here are TEN key points from the guidance:-

  1. You must carry out a fire risk assessment for your premises.

  2. You must install smoke alarms in all bedrooms and common areas.

  3. You must provide clear escape routes from your premises.

  4. You must store flammable materials safely.

  5. You must maintain your fire safety equipment in good working order.

  6. You must routinely check detection systems and fire alarms 

  7. You must ensure all furniture is compliant with the Furniture and Furnishings (Fire) (Safety) Regulations 1988

  8. You must carry out fixed wiring check (EICR) - this is required every 5 years, 

  9. You must have chimney flues swept annually - Wood burners and open fires (fire pits) are to be routinely cleaned

  10. You must ensure the use of candles is prohibited, and a clear policy is produced for your guests.


Non Compliance 

What happens if holiday let owners don’t comply with fire safety regulations and the new guidance?

If your property doesn’t comply with the new legislation, you could be forced to stop renting out the property/room until it’s been made fire safe.

Non-compliant holiday let owners could also be fined an unlimited amount or be given a prison sentence of up to two years if an inspection by the fire service finds that their property does not meet the requirements.

How can Eden Health and Safety Help? 

If you are a holiday let property owner or manager and require a fire risk assessment for your property, but do not have the capability to carry out an FRA, we can help.

We offer competitive rates, with Holiday Lets FRA's starting at only £225. Although our prices are fixed, they can vary depending on the size of the premises and the risk level. 

We offer the following Health and Safety and fire safety services:-

  • H&S Compliance Audit 

  • H&S Site Safety Inspections

  • Risk Assessments

  • Fire Risk Assessments

  • Review of current fire risk assessment

  • Review or development of new Evacuation Procedure

  • Review or development of new Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan (PEEP)

For more information please see our Fire Safety services.

Contact us today for a non-obligation quote or consultation:- Tel 07425 172 821.

Who should undertake a Fire Risk Assessment?

As with any risk assessment, a fire risk assessment needs to be suitable and sufficient to ensure the risks are clearly identified.


It is essential that the person conducting the fire risk assessment is competent to carry out the task and has access to relevant information and support. 

Providing your business with a comprehensive and affordable Health and Safety consultancy service.

Please contact us for an informal chat to see how we
 can help you with your occupational safety and health requirements.

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