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Fire Risk Assessment

Under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, and The Fire Safety (Scotland) Regulations 2006, if you are an employer, landlord or owner of a commercial premises you then have a legal duty to ensure fire safety within your business. If you employ 5 or more people, legally you must have a written Fire Risk Assessment (FRA).

What is a Fire Risk Assessment?

The aim of a Fire Risk Assessment (FRA) is to identify potential fire hazards within a workplace, building or from work activities carried out. It also assesses the risk to life of those occupying the building and makes recommendations to eliminate or mitigate the identified risks by identifying suitable control measures.

Who should undertake a Fire Risk Assessment?

As with any risk assessment it needs to be suitable and sufficient to ensure the risks are clearly identified.

It is essential that the fire risk assessment is completed by someone a competent person and that they have access to relevant information and support.


A competent person would be seen as someone who is trained, experienced and skilled in fire safety.

Risk Assessment Review

A Fire Risk Assessment is like any other risk assessment. Therefore to ensure it is compliant and up to date, it is recommended that it is reviewed annually as part of a periodic review.


It should also be reviewed whenever there are any significant changes that could affect the fire risk, including changes to the building, staff, occupancy, activities, legislation etc...

Fire Risk Assessments

From £189*

Fire Risk Assessment


Fire Safety Services

  • Fire safety audit – identify hazards and compliance with statutory requirements (UK fire regulations)  

  • Fire Risk Assessment – prioritised fire risk action plan to reduce hazards and risk of harm

  • Review of your current Fire Risk Assessment and Fire Evacuation Plan

  • Assist with producing an evacuation plan and drills

  • Guidance and support with employers statutory inspection responsibilities 

  • Guidance and support with maintaining a fire log book and inspection record keeping

  • Observe and provide feedback on fire evacuation drills

  • Enforcement authority preparation support

  • Establish fire risk assessment review dates

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*Fees are calculated on size or premises, number of employees and risk level of the business

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Our Pricing & Service

Fire Risk Assessments from £225.00*

| Service Includes

  • Full health, safety and environment/workplace management inspection

  • Observation of safe practices of work

  • Report with compliance level and action plan

  • One month’s standard business support by: telephone, email and virtual online chat

*Price may vary depending on size of premises, number of employees and complexity of the business


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