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Workplace Inspections

Whilst ensuring that an employer is complying with statutory law, Health and Safety inspections also provide proof of your commitment to achieving a safe and healthy workplace.

Duty of Care 

As an employer, you have a duty to protect the health, safety and welfare of your employees and anyone else who might be affected by your activities.

Carrying out regular workplace safety inspections is like a service on your car. This has two benefits for your business - firstly, it is a key way of monitoring your health and safety compliance level, with regards to safe working practices and site safety. Secondly, it is an ideal tool for identifying and addressing significant hazards early on. 


What does a Health and Safety Inspection involve?

I tailor my inspection to your own requirements, though in general a workplace inspection should look at, for example: 

  • Machinery – is it sufficiently maintained and guarded

  • Systems of work/working practices – are safe and being followed

  • Manual handling – are staff adequately trained and are using the correct aids.

  • Hazardous substances (COSHH) – are they used and stored safely

  • Workplace Housekeeping – slips trips and fall hazards 

  • Fire precautions – are extinguishers in place and serviced, and escape routes clear from obstructions

  • Welfare facilities – is a stocked first aid box in place, are toilets clean

  • Safety Information – is mandatory safety information and signage in place

Workplace inspections are a practical way of keeping on top of potential problems before they arise. My workplace inspection service enables you to take a proactive approach to Health and Safety compliance, therefore ensuring excellent Health and Safety standards and conformity. 

Eden Health and Safety, offer friendly, professional and comprehensive workplace safety inspections which will highlight any Health and Safety issues. I can then work with you and your managers, ensuring that you fully understand any findings and the steps you need to take so you are compliant with your statutory Health, Safety and Welfare duties.

Safety Inspections should always be carried out by someone who is competent to identify relevant hazards and risks, and who can assess the circumstances. 

Gap Analysis 
If you are requiring a more in-depth assessment (audit), which includes the workplace inspection and the auditing of your Health and Safety documentation (policies, risk assessments, procedures etc…) then please see Health and Safety Auditing

Our Pricing & Service

Workplace Inspections from £250.00*

| Service Includes

  • Full health, safety and environment/workplace management inspection

  • Observation of safe practices of work

  • Report with compliance level and action plan

  • One month’s standard business support by: telephone, email and virtual online chat

*Price may vary depending on size of premises, number of employees and complexity of the business


Providing your business with a comprehensive and affordable Health and Safety consultancy service.

Please contact us for an informal chat to see how we
 can help you with your occupational safety and health requirements.

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