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Health and Safety MOT

Workplace Health and Safety MOT (inspection)

You put your car through an MOT to ensure its safety compliance; a Health and Safety inspection should be seen as the same principle for the workplace and your business.

Q1: Do you own or manage a small to medium sized enterprise (SME) with FIVE or more employees?

Q2: Are you sure you are fully compliant with your statutory duty of care when it comes to workplace Health and Safety legislation?

Q3: Do you know what your employees’ legal responsibilities are, and do they know?

My aim is to provide easy-to-understand advice and support to new and established businesses when it comes to your legal duty of care to employees and visitors.

My inspection services

  1. Workplace Inspection: from £279.00

  2. Workplace audit (included workspace and all health and safety documents: from £379.00

You will receive a full summary report of my findings, including areas of concern or non-compliance, and detailed action plan of recommendations; there would be no obligation to obtain further services from myself.

In addition, you will also receive one months free support and advice: Telephone, Email or online meeting forum (zoom or MS Teams).

Inspections are available during your normal hours of work (including evenings/night time)

Contact me today for further details:

  • Telephone: 07425 142 821 (mon - sun 8:30am -8pm)

  • Email:

Health and Safety is Everyone's Responsibility

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