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Covid-19 Workplace Safety Plan.
Returning to the office Safely...

Under the Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974, all employers have a responsibility to ensure that staff are kept safe at all times; likewise, employees have a duty to follow reasonably practicable control measures laid down by their employer when they are at work, to protect others.

The guidance to employers in regard to COVID-19 restrictions and safety advice is always being reviewed by the Scottish Government and Health Protection Scotland, therefore it is important that as a business, you know what guidance you need to follow to stay in compliance with any new legislation. 

COVID-19 Workplace Safety Plan

Are you looking to plan for the safe return of your staff to the office?

Although some restrictions are being lifted or relaxed, as an employer you still have a statutory legal duty to ensure that staff and visitors are safe while on your premises

With employers planning to have staff return to the workplace in the near future, employees may be anxious about personal safety and welfare, and might question what precautions the business has put in place to ensure their safety.

If you have been closed over a period of time, then it is essential that your premises are inspected to ensure that they are once again safe to allow staff, visitors and contractors back in, and that you are fully compliant with current Health and Safety legislation. 

Return to Workplace Inspection

This will include a full workplace inspection to ensure the workplace is at a safe standard for your staff to return to the office. This will look at; adequate ventilation, safe occupancy levels for meeting rooms, breakout areas etc... and the provision of hygiene stations, a well as advise you on what mandatory restrictions are still in place. 

As workplaces have stood empty for over 18 months, the inspection can also look at the general workplace Health and Safety compliance level, and the safety of the working environment for employees to return (ask for details).

As with all my services, this is reasonably priced and comes with one month phone, email or Skype/MS Teams support (T&Cs apply) - Contact me today to discuss a COVID-19 return to workplace inspection. 

Risk Assessments

Risk assessments are the corner stone to all safe working practices within the workplace and are a legal requirement. Risk assessments should be properly carried out and recorded by a competent person, who is experienced and knowledgeable in health and safety. 

With people returning to work, as an employer you have a legal duty under Health and Safety legislation to carry out risk assessments for your place of business and review all existing ones as part of your COVID-19 operational planning strategy. You should also be reviewing existing risk assessments and then putting in place suitable and proportionate control measures to protect your employees, visitors and the public.

Should you require any assistance, advice and support with carrying out the appropriate risk assessments, or relevant reviews on existing ones, or if you have not done risk assessments in the past, then please contact me.


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Useful Information Links

Below are useful links for up to date information from Government, The World Health Organisation (WHO) and NHS England and Scotland. It is advised that you take independent health and safety advice from a local qualified advisor/consultant when looking at specific workplace safety measures and risk assessments for your staff and visitors. 

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